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What do you do with the loud, silly, teacher's pet?
Put her in Drama class, of course!

From my first musical at age 5, I was absolutely hooked. I spent her early years participating in as many musicals as my mother would permit. Thanks, Sue! After years of shows and choir competitions, my dream became closer to reality by attending the famed LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and the Performing Arts.


My four years as a Vocal Major at LaG gave me a love and appreciation of Opera and Choral music, as well as furthered my passion for Musical Theatre. After graduating with Honors and a certificate from New Triad for the Collaborative Arts, I headed off to Emerson College to pursue a BFA in Musical Theater. At Emerson, I performed in such shows as Carousel, Merrily We Roll Along, La Vida es Sueño and Guys and Dolls.

Since graduating, I've been lucky enough to perform at spectacular venues across the US and abroad, including two years and over 30 Countries performing with Aida Cruise Line. For my work as a performer, I was awarded the 2018 Roger Sturtevant Award from the Actors' Equity Foundation. 


Who knows what new opportunities 2023 will bring? But I can't wait to find out!

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